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Glasscock Center (CASA), Room 108 A & 108 B.

Mission/Purpose Statement

The mission of CASA's Supplemental Instruction Program is to assist the University in retention and graduation of students by providing group academic supplemental support for large lecture, entry-level, core curriculum courses. Assistance is designed to reinforce the content of the course and at the same time offer course-specific study, problem-solving, and test-preparation strategies in an inclusive and collaborative environment.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic assistance program offered by the Center for Academic Student Achievement to increase student performance and retention. This program offers content-based discussion sessions attached to large entry level courses. The discussion sections are optional and announced the first week of classes. SI discussion sections are led by SI Leaders and are designed to reinforce the content of the course and at the same time offer course-specific study, problem-solving and test-preparation strategies. Research has shown SI to be effective in helping students be more successful in the course. Gains of between .5 and 1.0 grade point have been documented when SI students are compared to non-SI students. Please see CASA or your professor to find out if SI is connected to your class.   


Unable to make it to an SI session on campus? Try the Khan Academy's on-demand academic support videos. On-demand videos are available for various subjects and levels. All you need a Facebook, Gmail, or other email address to get started.         

  For more information about Supplemental Instruction please email    Leticia Villarreal, or call (361) 825-5977.