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How much is this tutoring service going to cost me?
Tutoring is absolutely free. You paid for this service when you paid your tuition and fees. Take advantage of your student fees and visit us.
Do I have to be enrolled in TAMUCC to receive tutoring services from CASA?
Yes. This service is only available to students currently enrolled in courses at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.
Do I need to make an appointment to see a tutor?
Usually, you do not have to make an appointment, most of our tutoring is done on a walk-in basis. If you are going to see a writing consultant, CASA highly recommends that you make an appointment to avoid having to wait for these services. Writing tutoring is done in half hour sessions, and are usually one on one. Keep in mind that certain times of the semester are especially busy for our tutors, such as midterms and finals weeks, appointments should be made accordingly.
Am I required to sign in?
Yes, you must sign in to use any of the services offered by the CASA. We have sign-in computers located within the center and the labs. Our sign-in software is secure and CASA will keep your information private.
Can I receive tutoring for non-course based subjects, like preparing for the GRE or Accuplacer?
Absolutely. While normally tutors help students with specific coursework subjects, you can always see them for related material and let them help you strengthen your skills before taking a standardized exam.
Are tutoring services available on weekends?
Tutoring services are usually available on Sundays. The specific subjects and times may vary from semester to semester. Check our schedules for more information, or call CASA at 825-5933.
Can tutors help me with classes I'm taking at other colleges?
No. Even if you are enrolled at TAMUCC, the tutors cannot help you with coursework from other colleges like Del Mar. There is no way for our center to keep up with the texts and material from other institutions.