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The CASA Writing Center exists to provide TAMUCC community members with the support they need to become confident and independent as writers. We do this in several ways.

One-on-One Consultations

A trained Writing Consultant meets with you for 30 minutes. You or the consultant may read your piece out loud. If you’re just getting started, you can talk about ideas.

The consultant listens to you, answers your questions, gives feedback, and helps you plan the next step of your writing process.

Online Consultations

CASA's Writing Center offers online writing consultations!  Watch our tutorial video to get started.

In short, choose "Online Consultant" as your consultant when you book an appointment. When it’s time for your appointment, log in to our appointment system from any computer. Click on your appointment (an orange square), then scroll down and click the red “Start Online Consultation” link.

When the online consultation opens, you will see an area on the left where you can paste your paper and an area on the right where you can chat with a consultant.


Students learn and practice writing-related skills as a group, either in the Writing Center or in a classroom. Writing Consultants lead the session and answer questions.

Popular topics: APA/MLA citation, Integrating Sources, Peer Review, and Revision Strategies.


View our Certifications through the College Reading and Learning Association.

Writing Center services are available to all studentsfaculty, and staff of Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi.

One-on-One Consultations: Q&A

Will you edit my paper?

Our goal is to help you become a better writer. Editing works against that goal because it allows somebody else to control your words. We want your voice to be heard. It’s important to us that you own your writing, so we are not allowed to edit.

We do help you learn how to edit. We can find patterns of errors in your writing and teach you how to identify and correct those errors on your own. More importantly, we ask questions about content, organization, and other high-level concerns. When you learn how to ask those questions about your own writing (which you can begin to do after just one session), you will be a better writer; you won’t need us to edit your paper.

So, how does a one-on-one consultation work? 

When you visit the Writing Center, our staff will greet you and ask you to sign in on our sign-in computer. If you’re early, we have a waiting area with comfy couches and plenty of magazines. When it’s time, your consultant will invite you to sit down next to them at a table.

Consultations last for 30 minutes, and you’re in charge the whole time. The consultant will ask what you’re working on and may ask to see your assignment. Then, you and the consultant will talk about your goals for the session. For example, you can say that you’d like to work on organization or that you want a stronger thesis. If you don’t know what you need to work on, that’s fine too!

The consultant will then ask you to begin reading your paper aloud (or offer to do it for you). This may seem strange at first, but reading out loud is one of the best ways to double-check your writing. Writers often improve their papers without our help because it’s easier for them to hear and see problems when they read out loud.

 Again, you decide where the session goes.

 For example, we CAN help you:

  • brainstorm ideas
  • outline your paper
  • organize your argument
  • use the clearest language possible
  • check your technical style (APA/MLA/Chicago)
  • identify and correct grammatical errors and look for patterns
  • revise your own paper
  • edit, format, and proofread your own paper

 But for various reasons, we CANNOT:

  • edit or proofread for you
  • write on your paper (especially not with a big red pen)
  • tell you what to write
  • find all of your mistakes for you
  • interpret assignments
  • predict your grade

 At the end of your session, you and the consultant will summarize what you’ve covered and then plan the next steps of your writing process. Feel free to stay in the Writing Center and work. When you leave, don’t forget to sign out!


What do I need to bring?

If you have an assignment or a prompt, bring it. If you have a draft — even a partial draft — bring it. Otherwise, just bring your ideas for what you want to write, and your consultant can help you plan the next step. 

Is a digital copy okay?

Yes! In fact, many students like to make changes to their paper during their consultations. If you can pull it up online, you can use one of our computers. We have both Macs and PCs. You’re also welcome to bring your own laptop.

What about other types of writing? Résumés? Applications? Short stories?

Yes! The Writing Center helps writers with ANY type of writing of ANY length, from a sentence to a dissertation.

How do I make an appointment?

Appointments are booked online. If you have never used our system before, you must first register (see instructions for additional help). Registration requires an Islander e-mail address.

Once you have an account, you may log in from the Writing Center homepage. To make an appointment, click on any white square and fill out the form. When you see an orange square in the schedule, your appointment is booked!

Do you offer online consultations?

Yes! Watch our tutorial video to get started.

In short, choose "Online Consultant" as your consultant when you book an appointment. When it’s time for your appointment, log in to our appointment system from any computer. Click on your appointment (an orange square), then scroll down and click the red “Start Online Consultation” link.

When the online consultation opens, you will see an area on the left where you can paste your paper and an area on the right where you can chat with a consultant.

How do I cancel an appointment?

Login to the appointment system and click on the orange square that corresponds with your appointment. You will see a form. At the bottom of the form, click “Cancel this Appointment”.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes. Appointments are highly recommended, but not required. Walk-ins are accepted when there are consultants available who do not have appointments.

Keep in mind, however, that the wait time for walk-ins can be very long when the Writing Center is busy.

How often can I use the Writing Center’s services?

You are allowed to make three appointments per week, with no more than one per day. You may request additional help on a walk-in basis, but you must wait at least two hours between sessions. The total amount of Writing Center services you may receive is limited to four hours per week.

These limits are intended to ensure that you maintain ownership of your work and that everyone has equal access to our services.

Will you guarantee an error-free paper?

Writing is a process, and as such, we work with writers at their point of need to help address error patterns.  We can go through and look for patterns of error and teach /model how to correct these errors. We will then ask the writer to go through the next section of the paper and make revisions to these patterns along with us. From there, we will move on to the next issue of concern once the writer has demonstrated understanding. There may be more text to address, and most writers will self-correct as we go through the remainder of the text; this, though, does not guarantee an error-free paper.  Writers may choose to not make revisions to the remainder of the text or they may decide not to take our suggestions.  Ultimately, this is the choice of the writer. We will make suggestions, work with error patterns, have the writer demonstrate revision to those error patterns to check for understanding, and move on to the next issue of concern, asking the writer to finish making those changes to the remainder of the text. 

Can you help with group projects?

Group projects are wonderful learning experiences and are welcomed! As it is the mission of the Writing Center to teach the writer how to revise and edit their own paper, it is important that all members of the group attend a group session so we can work with each writer.  If all members are not able to make it to a session, then we will be more than happy to work with the portion of writing of the members who are present. Another option is to have each group member make an appointment for their section of the project (their writing). Groups who come in together have found sessions more helpful because each writer is present and is able to explain rhetorical choices, meaning, and sources.  If you have questions regarding group projects, please give us a call!

Can I just use your computers, reference books, etc.?

Absolutely! Just sign in when you arrive and make yourself at home.

I’m a TSI student. What do I need to do?

TSI students are typically required to visit the Writing Center once per week for a writing consultation. Please be sure to tell your consultant that you are TSI so we can record your visit properly. We ask that you always bring something to work on, even if it’s just a short reading response for homework or just ideas in your head about an upcoming essay. As with any other consultation, our goal is to help you become a better writer so you can succeed at TAMUCC and beyond.

If you have other questions about TSI, please contact CASA’s Academic Success Coaches (Tara, Kathleen, or Hector), who are located just down the hall from the Writing Center.

I’m a graduate student. Can I get extra help?

Graduate students are entitled to three weekly 1-hour sessions at the Writing Center. Graduate students may also request weekly standing appointments for the entire semester. These sessions are intended to provide ongoing, in-depth assistance to students working on extended writing projects. To take advantage of this service, please contact CASA Writing Center Coordinator, Kristen Ruggles