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  CASA Supplemental Instruction Services

CASA's Supplemental Instruction services are offered online only and are appointment based.

tutoring reservation link   tutoring reservation link

CASA's Supplemental Instruction Schedules and Appointment Scheduling information can be accessed below.

    Supplemental Instruction Schedule

CASA Supplemental Instruction Services are available in the following subjects. Please select from the link below for availability.

    Schedule an Appointment

First Visit? Scheduling an appointment is easy;  Get started by  registering  and follow the form on this page to select from the available Schedules.

Returning? Use the login form on this page to select from an available schedule (Supplemental Instruction, Supplemental Instruction, Writing Center, etc.) 

Instructions:  "How to Schedule an Appointment"  /  (How to Guide)

 Have a question? Contact us at 361-825-5933 or

Khan Academy
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Unable to make it to a CASA Supplemental Instruction session? Try the  Khan Academy's on-demand academic support videos. On-demand videos are available for various subjects and levels. All you need is a Facebook, Gmail, or other email address to get started.