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Center for Academic Student Achievement

Are students who were not exempt from the Texas Success Initiative Assessment required to complete the Pre-Assessment Activity?      

If you are not exempt or do not qualify for a waiver, you will be required to take the TSI Assessment. The Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) which you have just completed and submitted to TAMUCC is the first step towards taking the TSI Assessment.  

The assessment and/or the results of the assessment are not required as a condition of admission, but rather a condition of enrollment. Failure to take the test and have the scores placed with your student file at the University will result in your inability to register for New Student Orientation and/or enroll in classes. 

When do I need to take the test?       

Freshmen will need to take the test and have their scores on file with the Office of Recruitment   & Admissions prior to registering for New Student Orientation. Students are required to take an institution’s Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) prior to attempting the TSI Assessment.  The PAA   addresses the following: (1) Importance of assessment in students’ academic career, (2) Assessment process and components, (3) Developmental education options, and (4) Student resources. 

Where can I take the TSI Assessment?       

While the TSI Assessment is a Texas exam, it can be taken at any local high school, college, or university's testing facility that will proctor an exam.

If you are from out-of-state, please forward a copy of the TSI Assessment   Proctor Agreement Form which is found on the testing link below,  to a testing center that will proctor the exam for you.  Once the form is returned to the Office of Academic   Testing, we will send your proctor the necessary information to administer the exam to you. The proctor will not administer the exam to you until you have provided them documentation that you have completed the Pre-Assessment Activity. If you are a Texas Resident and are having difficulty in finding a local community college to administer the TSI Assessment to you, ask them if they would "proctor" an exam for you. If they indicate yes, please submit the TSI Assessment Proctor Agreement Form to them.

Testing hours are from 8:30am to 5pm depending on whether a student needs to take one, two or all three sections of the TSI. Plan accordingly with the testing center to allow for ample time to complete the exam. The TSI is a computerized test. You will be provided an online calculator and scratch sheets of paper. The Office of Academic Testing can be contacted at (361) 825-2334.

Need Assistance?

For additional testing information please call (361) 825-2334 or visit   TAMUCC's Academic Testing Center.

For additional information concerning Developmental Education at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, please call (361) 825-5933 and ask to speak with a CASA Academic Success Coach.