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TSI Exemptions & Waivers

Center for Academic Student Achievement

Texas Success Initiative Exemptions and Waivers

Some students have exemptions or waivers which are used to determine readiness for entry into college-level courses

Qualifying for a TSI exemption or waiver grants students the eligibility to enroll in entry-level college courses without the need for the TSI Assessment, nor a requirement to enroll in developmental courses.

In some instances exemptions are subject-specific, which means students may qualify for an exemption in one area such as reading but not in another area like mathematics or writing.

Exemptions & Waivers:


    • You hold an associate and/or baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.

    • You, on a single test administration prior March 5, 2016, have an SAT composite score of 1070 with at least 500 on the Verbal (Critical Reading) and Math sections.*

    • You, on a single test administration on or after March 5, 2016, have an SAT score of 480 on the Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) test and a score of 530 on the mathematics test.*

    • You, on a single test administration, have an ACT composite score of 23 with at least 19 on the Math and English sections.*

    • You have an exit-level TAKS score of 2200 on the Math section, and a 2200 on the English Language Arts section with a 3 on the Writing subscore.*

    • You have a minimum score of 2000 (Level 2) on the STAAR English III EOC for reading or writing and a minimum score of 4000 (Level 2) on the STAAR Algebra II EOC.*

    • You have been honorably discharged, retired, or released from active duty as a member of the Armed Forces, Texas National Guard, or served as a member of a reserved component of the Armed Forces on or after August 1, 1990. (A copy of your DD Form 214 or DD Form 295 indicating this status is required).

    • You have met the readiness standard at another Texas public higher education institution. (The explanation for completion or the exemption must be indicated on your official transcript).

    • If you are a transfer student from an accredited Texas private institution of higher education or an accredited out-of-state institution with acceptable college-level course work determined by the receiving institution. A&M-Corpus Christi has elected to use the following course work with the grade of A, B, C, or Pass/Credit:

      • Math Readiness Standard - College Algebra (MATH 1314) or higher
      • Reading Readiness Standard - a three-credit hour course in History, Political Science/Government, Economics, Philosophy, Literature, or Composition I (ENGL 1301) or Composition II (ENGL 1302)
      • Writing Readiness Standard - Composition I (ENGL 1301) or Composition II (ENGL 1302)


    • You are serving on active duty in the Armed Forces, Texas National Guard, or Reserve Component of Armed Forces and have been serving for at least three years preceding enrollment. (Required - documentation that shows at least three years).

      • You are a non-degree seeking, visiting student.  (You must complete a TSI waiver contract).  At the point you become degree-seeking, TSI standards must be met. 

      • You have successfully completed a college preparatory course under Texas Education Code §28.014 with one of our partnering school districts or institutions of higher education.

Have an exemption or waiver?

Please verify that your TSI Assessment exemption or waiver is on file with the Office of Admissions and Records and the Office of Academic Testing.  

For additional information, contact an Academic Success Coach at 361.825.2977.