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Grade Calculator

Grade Calculator

The grade calculator is a tool to calculate your current grade for class on a 100 point scale. Start off by adding each category of grades from the syllabus to the categories (Exams, Homework, Class participation, Attendance, etc.). The categories must add up to a total of 100%. Then add each assignment, with a grade on a 100 point scale, for the semester and assign it a category. This will show you where you currently stand in your class. The name of the assignments can be customized by clicking on the name and changing it. If you want to try to predict what you will receive at the end of the semester add any additional assignments that have not been completed yet and try to predict the grade. This will give you an estimation of what you will receive at the end of the semester based on those predictions. Hit the calculate button to view your grade.


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The Center for Academic Student Achievement offers this Grade calculation service merely as a tool to help with estimation of your grade. This is not meant to be official in any way. Please refer to your syllabus and your instructor for the proper method to calculate your grade.