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Starfish Early Alert & Connect


The Center for Academic Student Achievement is hosting Starfish, an Early Alert software program for identifying undergraduate students who need assistance from academic support services at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. The Early Alert program offers convenient early warning identification capabilities and connects students to a collaborative “Success Network” of faculty, advisors, and specialized support staff to address students’ needs and inquiries in real time.

The Early Alert program allows faculty and staff to identify the academic needs of TAMUCC’s undergraduate students at any point during the academic term. Starfish provides early alerts, or “flags” when raised by faculty or staff; generate emails notifying the student, and members of the student’s “Success Network” of course progress and academic concerns needing to be addressed.

Students can actively engage with members of their “Success Network” at any time. Early Alerts raised for students, however, will elicit an Early Alert response from CASA, supplemented by Academic Advising, and may include additional support from campus programs including Student Engagement and Success, Enrollment Management, PASS, and other academic support programs from TAMUCC.

Currently, all developmental, freshmen, and sophomore level courses at TAMUCC will be supported by the Early Alert program through the implementation of progress reports. Progress  reports will help to identify students’ academic needs. 

Progress Reports are supported through the following items and when raised, send the following messages:

Starfish Early Alert Goals:

  • Increase contact between students and faculty
  • Increase contact between students and academic staff/academic support programs
  • Increase student utilization of campus support services
  • Increase first and second-year student retention rates

How to Access Starfish and Complete a Progress Report:

Starfish may be accessed by logging into BlackBoard Learn, and selecting the Starfish Button within Blackboard’s Tools section.

Also, please reference the attached PowerPoint to learn how to log into Starfish at TAMUCC and how to complete a Starfish Progress Report.

Due to a recent update in Starfish, users may be greeted with the following error "Expired Session: Your Starfish session has expired.  To access Starfish, return to your learning management system and select the Starfish link." This is due to how Starfish now handles browsers cache and cookies. In order to fix this error, users just need to reset their browser data containing any cached information.

How to take attendance in Starfish

Starfish's attendance feature has been recently updated. Please click here to learn the new features available to you and your courses in Starfish.

Need additional help?

Hobson's offers an online quick reference guide for all things Starfish. View that guide here.

For questions about the Starfish Early Alert program contact John Fortiscue, 361-825-3653.