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A trained reading specialist meets with you for 30 minutes. The specialist listens to you, answers your questions, suggests strategies, and helps you plan the next step of your reading growth.

One-on-One Reading Sessions: Q&A

Will you read and interpret my text for me?

Better readers are developed through practiced reading. Reading or Interpreting the text for the student works against improvement because it allows somebody else to interpret meaning. Reading specialists seek to individualize strategies so that the student can learn to read and glean information from text independently

We do help a student with identifying the organization of text and finding their own understating of the text. The questions used to keep readers active in understanding the text often are buried in the text and can be extracted to lead the student to connect the bigger picture of the text to the details contained within the reading.

So, how does a one-on-one session work?

When you visit CASA, our staff will greet you and ask you to sign in on our sign-in computer. The reading specialists will be waiting at a table for you to sit down. It is necessary that you bring the text that is giving you the most trouble so you and the reading specialist can work through the text together.

Sessions last from 5 to 30 minutes; you are in charge of how much time you require. The reading specialist will ask what you’re working on and may ask to see your assignment. Then, you and the reading specialist will talk about your goals for the session. For example, you can say that you don’t understand the text and would like to work on the expository of literary format; the specialist will give you strategies to help with your understanding. If the problem is in vocabulary, the specialist will work with you on some of the most effective techniques for learning. It may be that you simply need to sit and read with someone handy. The specialists are there for this also.

Again, you decide where the session goes. For example, we CAN help you:

  • Find a purpose to your reading
  • Use critical questioning to keep your comprehension consistent
  • Consider strategies that help with organizing ideas
  • Understand your personal reading habits
But for various reasons, we CANNOT:
  • Read for you
  • Help with take home tests

At the end of your session, you and the reading specialist will summarize what you’ve covered and then plan the next steps for reading. Feel free to stay in CASA to read and work. When you leave, don’t forget to sign out!

What do I need to bring?

If you have an assignment or a text that is giving you problems, bring it in. It is also a great help to bring in texts from the library if you are working on research. Reading specialists can help you with organization of notes and the organization of the texts, so that you can pull information you will need in your research.

Is a digital copy okay?

Yes! In fact, many students like to use their computer to save information instead of using notecards. If you can pull it up online, you can use one of our computers. You are welcome to bring your own laptop.

What about other types of reading? Applications? Bulletins?

Yes! The reading specialists help with ANY type of reading of ANY length, from a sentence to primary source material.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes. Walk-ins are accepted when there are reading specialists available who do not have appointments, although there may be some wait time.

How often can I use the Reading Specialist’s services?

There are currently no limits to the number of times a student can visit with the reading specialist, but we generally recommend 30-minute sessions by appointment.

Can I just use your computers, reference books, etc.?
Absolutely! Just sign in when you arrive and make yourself at home.
I’m a TSI student. What do I need to do?

TSI students are typically required to visit the Writing Center once per week for a writing consultation and a Reading Specialist once per week for a reading consultation. Please be sure to tell your Reading Specialist that you are TSI so we can record your visit properly. You can also ask for a visit slip from your Reading Specialist to provide to your instructor as proof of your visit. We ask that you always bring something to work on, even if it’s just a short reading response for homework. As with any other consultation, our goal is to help you become a better reader so you can succeed at TAMUCC and beyond.

If you have other questions about TSI, please contact CASA’s retention specialists (Andrea or Hector), who are located just down the hall from the Writing Center.
I’m an ESLI student. Can I use the Reading Specialist's Services?
Unfortunately, because CASA is supported by University fees, we can only serve students who are enrolled at the University. ESLI has partnered with the University, but it is independently operated.
When you graduate from ESLI and enroll at TAMUCC, you are more than welcome to use the Reading Specialists at CASA
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