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Center for Academic Student Achievement





The Center for Academic Student Achievement's vision is to assist in closing educational gaps by Integrating, Engaging, Motivating, Retaining, and Graduating students through academic support and mentoring services.
The Center for Academic Student Achievement is committed to providing students academic support services through student-centered, supplemental, lifelong learning opportunities to help students achieve independence in learning in an inclusive and supportive environment.
Goals to Achieve the Center for Academic Student Achievement's Mission:
1. Provide programs and academic support services for all students.
2. Improve student engagement through academic integration into the University.
3. Provide a student-centered learning environment to promote independent learning.
4. Empower students to navigate higher education to achieve academic success.
Center for Academic Student Achievement Values:
The Center for Academic Student Achievement shares the University's values in becoming an emerging research university with a commitment to every student's success through:

Excellence : Pursuing distinction in learning, discovery, creativity, innovation, engagement, and cultural enrichment.

Integrity : Adhering steadfastly to the highest ethical standards through transparency and accountability.

Leadership : Modeling a culture of service to the University, our community, and the world.

Sustainability : Championing stewardship of the environment and our resources.

Inclusion : Fostering an environment of mutual respect that values and engages diverse people, ideas, views, and practices.

Glasscock Student Success Center

Hours of Operation: 

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