Academic Collegiate Excellence

The Academic Collegiate Excellence (ACE) Program provides academic assistance and mentorship to first-year students through two avenues: Our CASA Learning Community Mentors and our First Islanders Scholars’ Academy.  All first-year students are welcome to seek college guidance offered by our experienced and cordial student peers.

CASA Learning Community Mentors work with students throughout the semester and help guide them during the registration process, make referrals for CASA services, campus departments, and answer student questions and concerns using their extensive first hand expertise and experience.

Embedded in the First-Year Learning Community courses, the Mentors provide workshops and guidance on academic success strategies in alignment with what is taught in the classroom.


Student Benefits:

  • Designated peer mentor according to Learning Community
  • Maximize educational experience by learning from someone who has "walked in your shoes"
  • Receive support and guidance from a caring peer; regularly scheduled weekly meetings available upon request
  • Supplemental Instruction paired with Learning Community Large Lecture Subjects (ex: HIST 1302)
  • Writing Center and Reading Skills support
  • First-year student workshops delivered in the classroom that align College expectations with your course syllabi.

The First Islander Scholars' Academy is designed to provide resources and support to First Generation college students in the form of mentorship, success workshops, community engagement, and meaningful connections with University faculty and staff.

 Student Benefits:

  • Career & professional development
  • Faculty mentors
  • Designated peer mentors
  • Access to tutors
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Writing Center and Reading Skills support
  • Study skills workshops
  • Writing workshops

Family Benefits:

  • Learn about the University and its resources
  • Receive support fro your student as they transition from high school to college
  • Participate in workshops and meetings throughout the semester