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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have a CASA Hold?

You may have a CASA Hold because of your Admission Status or you may have been placed on Scholastic Probation because your G.P.A. fell below a 2.0 last semester.

How will the CASA Hold affect me?

If you have a CASA Hold, you will not be able to register for classes next semester, until you meet with a Islander Success Advocate to remove the hold.

Do I need to make an appointment to meet with one of CASA’s Islander Success Advocates?

No. Walk-ins are welcomed or you can schedule an appointment.

Where is CASA located?

CASA is located in the Glasscock Building across from the Engineering Building and between the Center for Sciences and the Parking Garage.  There is a sign that says Center for Academic Student Achievement (CASA).

What is the 6-drop rule?

A student can only drop up to 6 classes throughout his/her undergraduate career.  This is for the whole state of Texas, so even if you were to transfer over to College Station, the number of classes you've dropped will still follow you and count toward your overall six (6) total.

What should I do if I want to drop a class?

Before you drop, first talk to the professor/instructor about your situation to see if there is a chance for you to make up the grades. Secondly talk with a Islander Success Advocate or Retention Specialist, your  Academic Advisor, your Financial Aid Advisor, and any other related departments to discuss how dropping will affect your status. Questions to consider: Will it affect your financial aid status or delay your graduation? Have you gone over the 6-drop limit policy? If you still decide to drop a class, you need to go to the Administration building, the "round building" to submit official paperwork. Be aware that if you simply stop attending a class, this does NOT count as dropping a class.

What if I am on Academic Probation this semester, and I am not doing well, and I decide to withdraw, will I be suspended?

No. You will not be suspended if you withdraw before the deadline. The entire semester will be wiped out from your transcript, but you will remain on Academic Probation.

Who is my Islander Success Advocate?

The Islander Success Advocates  at CASA are composed of successful upperclassmen, typically sophomores to graduate students. All freshmen are assigned to an advocate during the first few weeks of classes to help students with the transition to college life. In addition to providing students with information about various campus resources, CASA's Islander Success Advocates assist students with holds and registration. Advocates contact students through their school email, so students must check their Islander email daily.

Help! Who is my Academic Advisor?

Students can now easily find and contact their Academic Advisor by logging on to their Starfish account in Blackboard.

How do I get my transcripts?

Students can order a transcript by first logging on to their SAIL accounts; secondly, by clicking on student and student records, and thirdly, by clicking on order transcripts online. Finally, students will be directed to another webpage to fill out the information for transcripts.

How do I calculate my GPA?

Go to CASA's website at to find the GPA calculator. Type in your current Total Institution: GPA and Earned Hours. The calculator will automatically generate both your cumulative GPA and semester GPA.

Do I have to tell my professors when I do not go to class?

Yes, keep your professors informed. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you email them or go to their office. This will help your case if you ever need a record/excuse from class.

What Classes Do I Need to Take?

Students can view their degree plan by logging on to A list of previously taken classes will show as well as the classes needed to graduate. Students can also select a “what-if” scenario to determine what classes would be needed if they decided to switch majors.

I need money, where can I apply for a scholarship?

Students can apply for a scholarship from TAMUCC by completing one of the applications at Students can also apply for a South Texas STARS scholarship by visiting

Are students required to sign-in for services at CASA?

Yes, you must sign-in for services at CASA’s front desk kiosk too meet with a CASA Islander Success Advocate or a Retention Specialist. For tutoring services, you must sign-in at the designated tutoring lab kiosks.

How much does the tutoring service cost?

Absolutely nothing. Tutoring fees are included in your tuition, so be sure to take advantage of CASA and its resources!