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Academic Guidance

First Islander Scholars’ Academy

The FISA is designed to provide resources and support to First Generation college students in the form of mentorship, success workshops, community engagement, and meaningful connections with University faculty and staff.


Academic Success Coaches

Students are invited to visit with the Academic Success Coaches to discuss successful academic Strategies, such as raising grade point average (GPA), time management, stress management, and test taking strategies. Students will learn how to avoid probation/suspension status and how to maintain a high GPA. Academic Success Coaches work to guide students towards a successful academic path.

Texas Success Initiative

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a state mandate that requires students to be assessed in reading, writing, and math skills prior to enrolling in college and be advised based on the results of that assessment.


Developmental Education

After you complete the TSI assessment, your test scores will be used to identify whether or not you are considered college ready for the state of Texas.

You are considered college ready if you score the minimum in the following areas:

  • Mathematics – 350
  • Reading – 351
  • Written Essay - 5 or [Written Essay – 4 and a Multiple-Choice Writing of 363]

Students who score below the minimum are required to enroll in one or more developmental education courses while enrolled at TAMUCC.