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Developmental Education Course Options

After you complete the TSI assessment, your test scores will be used to identify whether or not you are considered college ready for the state of Texas.

You are considered college ready if you score the minimum in the following areas:

  • Mathematics – 350
  • Reading – 351
  • Written Essay Score - 5 or [Written Essay Score – 4 and a Multiple-Choice of 340 or above]

Students who score below the minimum are required to enroll in one or more developmental education courses while enrolled at TAMUCC. 


Developmental Mathematics (Math 300)

  • You must earn a C or better to satisfy TSI requirements. It is highly recommended that you seek CASA Math Tutoring to ensure success.

Integrated Reading and Writing (IRW)

English 0399 (IRW) Co-requisite

  • Concurrent with English 1301 First Year Composition
  • You must earn a C or better to satisfy TSI requirements

Developmental Course Details

  • Students will only enroll in developmental courses that they have yet to meet the minimum standard for college readiness.
  • Students are ineligible to drop a developmental course unless completely withdrawing from the university.
  • Developmental course hours do not count toward any degree program but will count toward determining full-time status.
  • Concurrent semester enrollment in developmental coursework is necessary until TSI requirements are met.
  • Refer to class syllabus regarding instructor attendance and assignment policies, as each syllabus will vary according to instructor.